What is the importance of wedding makeup preview (trial) exactly?

Instead of stressing about your exact look on your big day, booking a wedding trial give you the freedom to tweak and perfect your final look BEFOREHAND. This means, finding the right foundation and the right foundation shade, find which false lashes (if any) works best for you, and how the makeup will last throughout the day (after the trial). 

It’s one less thing to worry about! Because you’ve went through with your trial, now everything is spelled out for the big day. This will give you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on other things.  

Is travel already included?

A mileage of a thirty (30) mile radius of the city of Livermore, CA is included with your service! Events over 30 miles from our nearest hub will require a travel fee per artist, based on the distance.

What if I need to cancel?

All deposits paid by client will be refunded if agreement is cancelled within 72 hours of signing. After the 72-hour grace period, should a client cancel the booked event or any service on an agreement, the deposit will not be refunded or transferred. If artist cancels at any time or is unable to perform her duties for any reason, the deposit paid will be fully refunded within two (2) weeks. 

How can I book my service?

Contact Aimee Scott directly via the contact form in this website! To secure a date and an appointment, a signed agreement is required with a 50% deposit due at the time of signing. Please be advised, dates and scheduled service times will only be reserved when a signed agreement and deposit are received. 

Where do I go for my Preview?

We work on location. That means, we bring the glam to you!  We do not have an official studio, so be sure to book an appointment with a location in mind. 

Do you offer tattoo cover-up service?

 Yes! We love doing cover-ups and use special makeup made for covering up tattoos. The makeup is completely non-transferable and water proof. No worrying about the makeup rubbing off on your wedding dress! We also do cover-ups for body acne, stretch marks and uneven skin on the body. Contact me for a consultation!

Why should I hire a professional artist?


Be stress-free on your wedding day while ensuring perfection

It’s good to have a skilled opinion on a day that can be so overwhelming and emotional. You may be too nervous to apply your eyeliner properly or even get your hair to cooperate within the tight time frame. A pro will help you create a stress free environment! They will more purposeful in providing services than you would at home. The artist will come to your location, be punctual and efficient and ensure you and bridal party are all ready with even some time to spare. 

Application Techniques

A pro also understands how many different factors can affect your look. For example, makeup for photography is entirely different from an everyday makeup. How many times have you seen a photograph of a bride that just didn’t look like the best version of herself? You may notice that her skin was uneven or her hair was all over the place. More than likely, the person who did her hair and makeup did not understand how to perform services suitable for photography. Your photographer will also be very thankful!

High End Hypoallergenic & Long Lasting Products

Your hair and makeup bags are very unlike a pro’s kit. Professional artists have a great variety of products and they know what products to use. They know where to use them and in what intensity to ensure you look good in person, as well as in your pictures. The products they use are from many different lines and this is important because we all know that our everyone’s skin is different! These products will also help to achieve a flawless and most importantly, long lasting look. Most (if not all) products are all waterproof and many are suitable for HD film/TV, that means they will last throughout your entire day while still looking and feeling incredibly natural.

Wedding day schedules

A pro artist is not only trained to apply flawless, enduring makeup, they are also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the process. An artist will not only work with you to create a very detailed wedding day timeline for all services needed, they will also achieve a stunning hair & makeup style that will transcend time.

Let's talk Hair Extensions

Thinking of adding more volume &/or length to your hair for your special day?

We have all thought about hair extensions one time or another. Getting extensions can transform any type of hair into glamorous and fabulous. You can choose from temporary, permanent, protective styles of your choice and every style has a bunch of different options. Let’s look into some of the popular hair extension options that might be the best for you depending on your personal preference, budget and hair type.
Shopping for hair extensions can be a little overwhelming because a ton of options are out there! Just bare with me as I try my best to explain some of your options.

Tape-in Extensions

The application is super seamless and simple so you won’t feel any pain and will be in and out of the chair in no time. As you can see in the photo, these extensions work by attaching 1 ½ “-2” panels to small pieces of hair, providing amazing length and volume to your natural hair. They may even be reused up to 2 times and can last up to 10 weeks each time, depending on care. You can wash and style your hair like your own because the tapes are held in place by medical grade bonding glues.

Natural Beaded Row/ Beaded Weft/ SKW1/ SKW2 Hair Extensions

Weft extensions are super easy and fast to apply and last for a good amount of time with minimal maintenance. A weft of extensions is held up to your hair and attached by little copper tubes. Because othe large wefts, you may only need to be in the chair for a short period of time and can have as little as one weft for volume or multiple wefts for both volume and length. This is a much more affordable type of hair extension and depending on how fast your hair grows and how you maintain it, you can wear weft hair extensions for up to 2 months.

Micro Link/ Micro Bead Extensions

Micro Beads were probably the first type of extensions that were popular. Small, individual beads are attached to your hair and held up by those beads. The beads are small enough to blend immediately into your hair. You can get micro-beads for both length and volume. İt is known to be good for really short hair or hair that is too thick. 

Halo Extensions

Have you seen these?! These are probably for the beginner that wants immediate length and volume without the hassle of getting a clean application! Theyre kind of hard to mess up. The extensions are sewn into a transparent thread to provide volume. It is worn similarly as if you were putting on a headband. The clear thread blends in seamlessly because it is so thin but it is sooo comfortable!

Keratin fusion bonded hair Extensions

The most natural of all hair extensions is the Micro bond Tips. Tiny pieces of keratin bonded hair are attached to your hair and bonded with the classic fusion tool. Because of the small tip, the hair blends nicely and almost no one will be able to tell that you have extensions on. Due to each individual size, these types of extensions take a lot longer to install but all the time and effort will be well worth it for the end result.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Perfectly diverse, clip in extensions give you the option of taking them out and reusing them whenever you feel like it. Super simple to apply, all you need to do is part your hair in sections and clip the single wefts in. You can pick from synthetic and real hair but real human hair is what hair stylists recommend for a natural look and durability. Doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can find reasonable hair clip-in online.  

There are also great wigs, partial wigs, and many other hair extension options. We just named the most popular ones. A full head of hair makes us feel more beautiful and powerful.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to shop online and that a self-application choice such as halo or clip in extensions are the best ones for you; then you'll have to take these 3 tips into consideration: 

1.  Choose a color- when choosing a color for hair extensions, you have options. you can choose a color that is similar to yours or you can choose a color that will contrast your hair and create sort of a highlighted effect. For example, say your hair color is brown. If you choose a 3-5 shades lighter color brown, when they are installed, it'll look like there's more highlighted body to your hair then what it would look like one solid color. However, if you want them to blend perfectly, then choosing a color that is the same or similar to yours, will be your best bet! 

2.  Choose the amount of grams- The grams of the hair will tell you how full they are. The most amount of grams I’ve seen is 270g and that’s REALLY nice because it can transform your hair from regular to BAM! But anything above 160g really makes a good difference!

3.  Choosing a length- I’ve seen lengths that vary from 12in-30in. Let’s say that you have medium length hair and you'd like to keep the length but add more volume then you can choose between 14-16in. If you’d like to add more volume AND length then I would suggest choosing between 18-30in. 30in is VERY long and may be hard to blend without cutting some of them to transition nicely, but it’s doable! Usually between 20-24in is really nice!  

These are my recommended sites because they are human hair, high quality hair extensions. With proper care, you’ll be able to have these for years!  These websites sell most types of extensions that I’ve talked about in this blog.

https://bombayhair.com/collections/shop-all-clip-in-extensions https://www.bellamihair.com/collections/hair-extensions